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Ensuring a resilient urban forest.

About the Project

What is it?

The Citytrees Project is an innovative and interactive tool for individuals, groups and agencies involved in tree planting and maintenance to effectively align stewardship activities and provide accurate reporting on the environmental and economic returns generated by tree planting and maintenance efforts.

Our map-based platform also gives people a fun and easy way to explore and connect with urban forests. We believe that this appreciation for nature in cities will foster a sense of personal responsibility and serve to cultivate a stewardship ethic in future generations of city people committed to ensuring urban vitality.

Why is it important?

This Citytrees web app is designed to inspire increased stewardship of our urban forests. It fosters education by providing an interactive platform for users to learn ecological information about individual trees, a subset of trees, or entire tree inventories.

Integral to this tool is the ability for our users to immerse themselves in stewardship activities. We provide a number of tracking, benchmarking, reporting, and citizen science capabilities that can be leveraged in a number of ways in order to maximise the stewardship efforts of cities, environmental groups, and even individuals.


Participants & Inspiration

The Citytrees web app is developed by Ryerson's Urban Forest Research & Ecological Disturbance (UFRED) Group, the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, and Codetuitive.

Creation of this tool was inspired by the work of several talented graduates of Ryerson's Masters of Spatial Analysis (MSA) Program. The ecological benefits of trees are estimated using i-Tree ECO.

The Map

Tree Inventory

The Citytrees Project is currently under development. This pilot site highlights the 568 trees on Ryerson's City of Toronto Campus. These trees have have been geolocated, their attributes carefully recorded and their ecosystem benefits calculated. Citytrees allows you to interact with this inventory. Help us be good stewards of our urban forest by signing up and rating a tree's condition, leaving a comment, or by simply learning more about what our trees have to offer.

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